Was uns bewegt

Wir lieben Open-Source, Automation und Transparenz


Darmstadt: Our control centre is here from where we make smart web portal solutions ready. With our event and trade fair software expOrga and customised portals in the areas of partner management and sales enablement, we lift your sales and consulting team to new heights. We do this preferably as an open source and free, with analogue as well as digital networks. Our base: viable, long-term cooperation. Are you ready to launch with us?

We have

Pretty exclusive: we will develop your solution as part of a corresponding mission exclusively for you in our modern software labs. We will be happy to dock left over proven components of your existing system onto it. Thus, costs will remain very low - and together we will create real new beginnings for content management!

In doing so, you will get conclusive answers to questions like:

  • How do teams work together more efficiently and controlled?

  • How will your customer service and cooperation with suppliers and partners take better shape than ever before?

  • How do your customers think you are just fantastic - as regards both content and the net?

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What you get from us: a realistic assessment of your needs. We also tell you, for example, what you will not be needing. Transparency is paramount to us. We are convinced that a project in constant interaction between you and us will develop most successfully.

Make us your expert and remain exciting with your application for your visitors and customers just like on the first day. Permanently.

Which of the three worlds would you like to discover? Tell us: We will take care of the fuel and navigation!