skinnDriva™ is a theme engine framework for the Open Source CMS OpenCms™.
Create own themes, use themes from the community and switch styles within minutes.

   Download skinnDriva 1.25



Works in every environment: 960 grid, responsive webdesign framework like Foundation or bootstrap. Rolling your own?
No worries: skinnDriva plays along nicely!

Batteries included

skinnDriva comes bundled with documentation, a quick start guide and default themes to get you up and running in no time.




Package all your code neatly into portable modules. Makes transferring themes between projects a breeze.





Don't forget:

Purple is the new red.
or blue. or yellow.
or whatever you want it to be




OpenCms von Alkacon Software ist ein professionelles, einfach anzuwendendes Website Content Management System. OpenCms hilft Anwendern weltweit, ansprechende Websites schnell und effizient zu erzeugen und zu verwalten.

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